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The project method promotes a creative learning process based on specific objectives. The modern schools can not exist without using the project methods. Although the project method was originally prepared for using in the vocational schools, currently it is more often used in primary, secondary and high schools than in vocational schools and vocational training centres.

The project method requires teachers and trainers to take a very different role to that common in traditional teaching so they need skills for using this method as well as practical knowledge. The research shows these kinds of skills are necessary for a better connection between the vocational education and training and the labour market.

According to this aim the partners will find and share good practices in using the project method in VET, show the project method as a creative model in VET, prepare VET teachers and trainers to use the project method and disseminate the project results providing teachers and trainers with necessary skills of using and spreading their experiences with professionals by dissemination of project results.

The main project results: the database of the good practices in using the project method in VET, the syllabus of the training course for VET teachers and trainers in using the project method, the database of the project scenarios.

The project and the project’s results will constitute valuable resources for educational stakeholders involved in vocational education and training by dissemination done mainly through the project’s website, newsletters and the conference dissemination of using the project method in VET.

Project Director: Dr Yiannis Laouris
Project team members: Maria Georgiou