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Accessibility for all to services and terminals for next generation mobile networks

The next generations of mobile systems will have the capability to transmit data, text, voice and pictures and will also be able in due course to transmit videos between fixed or moving terminals with a varying bandwidth that responds to instant demand with the customer being charged accordingly. These systems will provide Internet access as well as point-to-point communication, and will merge with other wireless technologies - such as broadcasting, as well as with fixed systems to a very significant extent. They will also embrace short-range communication links like Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11b, so that mobile equipment can automatically identify and communicate with appliances at home or in the street that have these capacities. Because the new mobile systems will be general conduits for information carriage, and will not be function-specific, they have the potential to form the ideal foundation for an inclusive telecommunications arena.

The main objective of the Action is to increase the accessibility of next generation telecommunication network services and equipment to elderly people and people with disabilities by design or, alternatively, by adaptation when required.

Dr. Laouris served as Cyprus Representative, a post assigned by the Research promotion Foundation, between 2005-2009. The Action was closed in 2009.

Other CNTI members who participated in selected events: Mrs. Elia Petridou, Mr. Marios Michaelides, Mr. Stathis Andreou