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President of CNTI

Dr. Yiannis Laouris is the Founder and President of the Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute. Dr. Laouris also founded Technology For Peace in 1997 together with Dr. Harry Anastasiou and Derwis Besimler (North). Dr. Laouris is a medical doctor specialized in neurophysiology and a systems engineer trained in Germany and the US. He is the President of the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute (see www.cnti.org), a non-profit institute that focuses its research on issues of learning through computers, diagnosis and treatment of dyslexia, and issues of motor control. He is also a business man, currently the CEO of CYBER Kids (see www.cyber-kids.com, a chain of franchised computer learning centers which he founded.

He has been actively involved in the citizens' peace movement in Cyprus for the last decade. His involvement began as a member of the first group of trainers that planned and executed the initial trainings in communications- and conflict resolution skills that eventually reached more than three thousand citizens from both the Greek and Turkish communities. In his work, he has acquired valuable practical experience in helping conflict societies deal with difficult issues. He has written several articles about his practical approach and given speeches in many forums on his ideas and experiences. He is a member of many peace groups such as the Seniors Trainers (supported by Fulbright), Young Business Leaders (supported by Fulbright and the European Embassy), Westminster Group (supported by the British High Commission). He is a Co-Director of the Office for the Eastern Mediterranean of the Institute of World Affairs (see www.iwa.org) and Local Representative for HasNa Inc. Washington DC (see www.hasna.org). Dr. Laouris is also the Founder of various UNDP/UNOPS funded groups such as TFP Technology For Peace (see www.tech4peace.org) and Y2P and Youth Promoting Peace (see www.y2p.org) which are among the most active peace groups in Cyprus.

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